Venue is the virtual data room you can trust
to get the best deal done.

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Gold Standard Performance, The M&A Atlas Awards.
Virtual Data Room of the Year 2016 and 2017

If you need to share critical content,
you need Venue.

Venue is like a boardroom that transcends borders. Whether you are in the same room or around the globe, you can securely share and review sensitive information with deal-makers, investors and other controlled audiences.


Because you need precise control over every
bit of critical information, you can:


Limit access to sensitive content.

Know exactly who can view, print or save information, supported by Venue’s industry-leading security. Protect your content even after it leaves the room by applying information rights management to control access, and watermarking to ensure it’s genuine.

Customize the interface to display the details that matter.

Work from any device, in any browser, and access files in their native formats. Move items where you want them and find exactly what you’re looking for with search powered by Google. Select the language of the user interface with a click of a button.

Get lightning-fast uploads for faster deal-making.

Don’t waste time generating reports or waiting for downloads. Venue offers quick transfers, the ability to drag and drop content, batch uploading, as well as efficient deleting and restoring capabilities.

People who use Venue also depend on ActiveDisclosure

The virtual data room was designed to work with ActiveDisclosure – an end-to-end solution that integrates with Microsoft Office tools, allowing you to create, manage and file your disclosure reports with absolute accuracy.

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Venue is the chosen data room for deals of every size.


of the top 100
law firms use Venue


ever listed on the
New York Stock Exchange
used Venue


of the top 100 investment
banks use Venue


of the top 50 private
equity firms trust Venue

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